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Green Energies Technologists Company (Avisa) established to do researches in 2007 in order to enter marketing for Renewable Energy, reduce fossil energy and create appropriate culture for using non-renewable energy; they visited the active advanced learning centers around world in order to do their studies. Finally, in 2009, have done enough studies, they concluded to enter solar water heating marketing ; they concluded that the newest technology in this field is the vacuum tube solar water heater; therefore, they have started producing them in the country. They negotiated with one of the most active and the largest manufacturer of solar water heating in the same year. They had launched the first solar water heating production line in a to the Middle East. Due to solar water heating high quality and efficiency of this model ,the product was well received over a short time of production. The solar water heating is used in most regions of Iran, especially in cold climates such as Tabriz, Ardebil, and Hamadan; and fortunately, all the customers are satisfied with using this product.

The company’s products are now exported to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan and so on. The company by applying a highly experienced, technical and educated staff in the field of solar water heatings are ready to give advice and equip government, military and private centers, and sites. It is noteworthy that the company is able to produce solar water heating in different models and designs.


1388: Research project (identification of new technologies in solar energy use) in order to produce hot water.
1389: Registration of Green Energy Technologists Company (Avisa) with the aim of the activities in the field of renewable energy and solar water heaters.
1389: getting exclusive representative of the largest manufacturers of solar water heaters in the world.
1389: selection, purchase, installation of 1500 new generation smart solar water heater (vacuum tube) for the first time in the country.
1389: transfer of technology of vacuum tube solar water heater production, purchase, installation of equipment for production of solar water heaters for the first time in the Middle East.
1391: Design and manufacture of double flutter solar water heaters
1391: production of solar water heaters in different dimensions (volume)
1392: Design and manufacture of fistula solar water heaters for large projects (engine room, pool, etc.)
1392: doing research project (design and construction) on solar desalination using vacuum tubes
1392: granting agencies and export to Turkey and Armenia
1393: design and manufacture of coil solar water heater (for use in high-pressure) and heating aid.
1393: granting agencies and export to Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
1393: patent for solar desalination
1394: Design and construction of solar food cooker
1394: Installation of the first series of solar desalination (in the village named Mahyar in Isfahan)
1394: granting agency to Ukraine and Tajikistan.


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Common Questions

  • Yes, due to the amount of radiant energy in the country, solar water heaters can work in cloudy weather. If the weather is extremely cold, backup heater inside the tank as an auxiliary force will start working and provide consumable hot water easily.

  • Yes, due to the double wall of tank and vacuum glass, loss of temperature will almost happen very little during day. Dear buyers are able to use this product at any time.

  • 1. Higher energy absorption efficiency
    2. deflector absence
    3. Affordable
    4. quick installation and capability to be installed on slopes
    5. ability to absorb energy from sunrise to sunset
    6. less depreciation

  • Yes, there are many Avisa products installed and launched for space heating and hot water supply for engine room; briefly, Coil systems are used for high-pressure or heating purpose and fistula for high consumption or engine rooms. Of course, in these two cases, they should be designed and installed by trained specialists.


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