The advantages of Avisa solar water heaters

The advantages of Avisa solar water heaters

The advantages of Avisa solar water heaters 560 420


Glass under vacuum
Use of vacuum tube are the latest technology in the field of solar water heater. Due to the circular shape of vacuum tubes, energy absorption occurs at all times of the day in an appropriate manner. The vacuum tube are double glazed glasses which the outer layer is transparent and the inner layer is covered by absorbent material of three or four element with dark color. The air between the two layers is discharged which this vacuum works as insulation and prevents from heat loss.
This method has many potential advantages over other forms of solar energy absorption. These advantages include high efficiency (90%), resistance to frost (-30), ease of installation, 2. deflector absence and reasonable price.
One of the main components of solar hot water is a tank to store hot water. Fortunately, this company has advanced device capable of producing a variety of different sizes and models of it. All interior sheets of the tanks are made of stainless steel 304 with sanitary grade sheets; and external sheets are of colored paper. To prevent heat loss during the night, between the internal and external walls, polyurethane foam is fully injected by automatic machine. The company is able to produce containers (tanks) in all sizes, colors and models.
The sheets used in construction of the base are oily ST37 which after they are made, they are covered by electrostatic powder coating in order to be resistance I the environment. The bases are made in the country; and in comparison with similar cases of foreign, they have high quality and are very strong. It is possible for company to produce a variety of bases with different colors and models.


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