Fanavaran Green Energies Co.

Green Energies Technologists Company (Avisa) established to do researches in 2007 in order to enter marketing for Renewable Energy, reduce fossil energy and create appropriate culture for using non-renewable energy; they visited the active advanced learning centers around world in order to do their studies. Finally, in 2009, have done enough studies, they concluded to enter solar water heating marketing ; they concluded that the newest technology in this field is the vacuum tube solar water heater; therefore, they have started producing them in the country. They negotiated with one of the most active and the largest manufacturer of solar water heating in the same year. They had launched the first solar water heating production line in a to the Middle East. Due to solar water heating high quality and efficiency of this model ,the product was well received over a short time of production. The solar water heating is used in most regions of Iran, especially in cold climates such as Tabriz, Ardebil, and Hamadan; and fortunately, all the customers are satisfied with using this product.


Why Fanavaran Green Energies Co. ?

A backup heater for use in cold winter days

And high efficiency of smart diagnostics

Good price

The minimum space required for installation

Certified by Optimization of Fuel Consumption

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Capability to be installed on Downhill

Quick and easy installation


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اصفهان-کیلومتر 22 جاده اصفهان-نائین-روبروی شهرک صنعتی سجزی-فاز توسعه

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